Supply Chain Management Systems and Software

Software selection and Implementation:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP)

  • Distribution Management  (DMS)

  • Warehouse Management  (WMS)

  • Inventory Optimization Models

How We Help

Our approach is to first define what it is that you want to accomplish, then we help you select the software package and manage the implementation to ensure a successful transition. There are literally hundreds of different ERP and WMS systems on the market. Each package has its own industry niche and provides functionality that may or may not fit what you need now and in the future. We have knowledge of what is offered, we know what questions to ask, and we know how to manage the purchase contract and implementation to maximize your value at the lowest cost, and minimize your risk. Kocer Consulting and Engineering is unbiased to any software company and strictly looks out for the client’s best interest. We provide the following to our clients.

  • Systematic approach to selecting Supply Chain Management systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Distribution Management Systems (WMS), Order Management, Yard Management, Maintenance Management, wireless networks for barcode systems, and shipping systems

  • Awareness of current and upcoming technology and state-of-the-art features

  • Implementing best practices, lean, and paperless processes

  • Setting up a contractual agreement between the software vendor and customer with the right operational clauses to purchase performance and value rather than just software

  • Implementing inventory management best practices to provide inventory accuracy and shipping accuracy that approach 100%

  • Project Management, teamwork and communication skills to ensure operational goals are met within budget and schedule

  • Benchmarking and visiting sites of other happy clients

  • Risk mitigation to ensure high value and best fit

  • Knowledge and experience from many implementations



“Kocer Consulting and Engineering improved our distribution efficiency. We asked them to quickly improve and fine-tune processes with the equipment and computer software that we already have. We were kind of locked into our existing software because we are tied in with thirteen other manufacturers to produce for one major distributor. Dan helped us use our software to it's full extent so that we can now track inventory and ship product with greater precision. This and other approaches allowed us to improve inventory accuracy, order accuracy and order efficiency. Kocer also helped us to modify our distribution processes and use best practices so we get the work done with fewer people."

Dale Griffiths
Sea-Pac Sales
Kent WA