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Are we Lean enough? Lean Construction Training at the AGCEF!

Providing Lean Construction Certification at the Associated General Contractors Education Foundation.

Lean Construction Certification Program (LCCP)

Lean Construction Certification Program (LCCP) will train you in a new way of thinking about how a construction project is managed and executed. You will learn new Lean techniques and approaches that reduce costs, reduce schedules, improve quality, and remove variability and risk in your projects. Whether you learn by listening or by hands-on training, this certification program combines both teaching approaches and is tailored to meet your needs. The curriculum and instruction are designed and provided by Professional Engineers (PE) who are licensed and practicing in the State of Washington.


Initiating the Change to a Lean Culture
Module I
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the principles of Lean world class process design
  • To experience, within the context of a simulation, the transformation of the performance of a construction process through the application of Lean, world class prinicples, tools and techniques


Process Optimization

Learning Objectives
  • To learn how to map, analyze and re-design all business processes


Pull in Planning
Module - 3
Learning Objectives
  • Pull in Plan for participants' construction projects


The Continuous Improvement Process
Module - 4
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the principles of continuous improvement
  • To design and implement a continuous improvement process, including performance measures
  • To review and expand on Pull Planning


Jobsite Organization: 5S & Standard Work
Learning Objectives
  • Implement a 5S program
  • Understand Standard Work
  • Separate internal from external time
  • Create Standard Work construction processes
  • Create optimal Job Site Organization


Problem Solving and Final Exam
Learning Objectives
  • To understand and practice lean skills using a range of problem solving tools
  • To use problem solving tools as the basis for performance improvement


Lean Construction Certification Program (LCCP) - Overview




“Progressive International and Kocer Consulting & Engineering have partnered since 2003. Dan has extensive experience in distribution/warehouse operations process improvements and systems engineering. He has provided valuable consulting and engineering services in our identification of required operational improvements and our detailed search and assessment of a WMS. Dan will play an instrumental role in our project development and implementation. We have worked with several large consulting/engineering firms but we have found Dan’s flexible hands-on approach to understanding our operation and his ability to customize to our needs to be very refreshing and extremely valuable.”

Patrick J Klein
VP Logistics
Progressive International Corp.